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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Special Gift!


This morning in Prezi Power (a class I am teaching for summer school), a student made a Prezi on me!  Talk about making me feel special and blessed.  I am so thankful!


If you have not used Prezi or would like more information:  Prezi Information

July smiles (it's almost August),

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DeYoung Zoo Trip


It's going to be 92 degrees in northeast Wisconsin!  WOOT!!! I love summer sizzler days!

This past Sunday a friend and I went to the DeYoung Zoo in Michigan.  Here is the link to their website:

If you haven't been there, I suggest a road trip for you!  They have feeding times, animal talks, and are family friendly.

We were able to feed a hippo that came from Indonesia (flew into Ohare Airport).  Talk about a massive mouth and enough power to kill us instantly if we were in his pen.  We also got to watch the keepers feed the tigers chickens that a local farmer donated (they are feed live feed everyday).  As a result of their healthy and protein rich diets, the animals have beautiful and lush coats and are extremely happy!

To top of our zoo trip, I was also able to pet a wolf cub.  It tried to eat my short string.  :)  Not a pup I would like to have as a pet but cute to pet when he is small.

Animal smiles,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Samsung Chromebooks-Got Chrome?

HELLO Bloggers!!!

WOOT...My students and I get to use Samsung Chromebooks for summer school.  Have you ever used this shiny devices?  Your pros and cons?


Pros:  light, finger friendly keys, healthy screen size, use Google Docs and Gmail without any headaches

Cons:  Microsoft Office Suite is not installed, cannot make Skype calls, no direct printer, some students wanted to use a mouse because they found the thumb pad was challenging for their motor skills