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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pretzel and Marshmellow Time!

HELLO and Merry 1st day after Christmas!  What a blessing it was to just SIT and dare I type...RELAX...Ok, I typed it!  And, yes, I did both while enjoying my Mom's feast of proteins, veggies, sides, and desserts to make Food Network want to visit!  I hope your heart is still smiling today as you reflect upon all that brings you comfort, peace, and Kodak moments!  Before break we had the pleasure and the culinary treat to work and learn with marshmallows and pretzels (the marshmallows were supposed to be part of our Hot Chocolate experiment and the pretzels are to remind of us of one giving them self hug with crossed arms on one's shoulders).
I posed several challenges to my Multi-agers before they were able to tell me their opinion on the taste of these childhood favorites.  First they needed to use the pretzels to design a structure that was connected to their faith and because there was only 4 days till they celebrated Jesus' birth it had to be 4 inches in length or width! CHALLENGE ON!  The first three pictures show this challenge in the works.  I'm so proud of their progress in using a ruler and of course their imagination (I did encourage them to work with a Learning Buddy if they wanted too).

 Challenge #2 Measure a mini and regular marshmallow.  How big are they?  How many mini marshmallows would equal the regular sized one?  How much bigger is the large one compared to the mini version?

Challenge #3  Use the marshmallows to construct a faith related object!  They had a variety of ideas and their imagination was not limited by sugar, but this one said a lot with white, mini marshmallows!

Challenge #4  Stack the marshmallows as high as you can in 1 minute-60 seconds to get height.  It is not pictured here, but they tried a variety of ways to get the marshmallows to stack versus fall just as they thought they had the highest structure.

These are just four of the challenges.  Now, my challenge is to post the remainder along with an upcoming hot chocolate and marshmallow experiment!

Sweet marshmallow smiles,

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

The true meaning of Christmas...thanks Charlie Brown and friends!


Charlie Brown and friends know the true meaning of the season-our Savior's birth!  It's not about us, our gifts that are adorned with the brightest eye catching bows or the must have outfit from the top notch stores, or the dish that must be served to demonstrate our fine cooking skills, but Jesus!  May we all have comfort, joy, and peace knowing that our Savior loves us and we have been called by him!

 THANK YOU to all of you!  I am blessed to have you as my followers!  I hope 2013 brings the joy of having 100 followers!!!  

Again, Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Our gift from our Trucker Buddy!

Well after spending yesterday watching over 6 inches of snow fall and dance around in the sky and then anticipating how my Multi-age students would do with a 2 hour delay this morning, WE HAD A MERRY AND CHEERY DAY!!!  Is somebody exited?  YES I AM!!!!!  They were controlled excited-did I just make that up-yes, I did! 

So, we anxiously opened our box from Iowa.  To our surprise:

Our Trucker Buddy has a sock monkey; now we have one!

A teacher's dream-Post It Notes, gel pens, and Expos markers.  PERFECT!!!  The sock monkey- star on top of the tree!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My gift to my students' families!

NEWS ALERT...someone typing this is very excited- 9 to 12 inches of SNOW tomorrow and guess who is sleeping in- ME!  We have already found out that there is no school tomorrow!  One of the bonus gifts for leaving in the hand shaped state of Wisconsin!  Who is more excited, me or the student??? 

Have you completed your gift for you student families?  I DID...hooray- thankfully I had it done on Monday.  I must have felt the snow storm and school cancellation coming because I was ahead of the clock with my gifts.  Patting myself on the back for that one.

Prior to making these, I had my families complete a recipe form to document their favorite holiday cookie recipe.  Each family returned a "Top" but not so secret anymore recipe!  I  compiled all of them and arranged them together with a Merry Christmas picture of each student on his/her family's recipe.
Last I ringed them and secretively put them in each student's mailbox.

Now, if only I was a cousin to Mr. Pillsbury Dough Boy or could get tutored by Food Network bakers.

Snowy Smiles!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The scoop on where we live!

HELLO! I must start of by saying today was another day I tried to capture the beauty of each student's comical laugh, warming smile, and inquisitive looks!  I am so blessed...little angels!  Continued PRAYERS to everyone in education and especially our extended "family" in Connecticut!
Last week my Multi-agers made a craft to illustrate how they are part of our a bigger world then just our classrooms.  We started off with 5 scoops and a cone; I tried like a child trying to put on his winter boots to get outside in fresh snow, to make sure everyone had different colors. Each child printed Me on the cone.  Then we identified the community we lived in following the scoop of our state- the FORWARD state-Wisconsin. Next,we moved onto our country-the beloved United States.  From their it was our continent- North America- great to be North but sometimes wish to be south-warmer temps.  Finally, it was the planet we rotate on everyday- Earth- spin, spin.  The assembly process follows:

ME, Community, State, Country, Continent, and Planet-that is what I am part of!
Super smiles,

Monday, December 17, 2012

Shaving cream does the job and is a therapist!

Monday and it is still a somber day!  THANKS BE TO GOD FOR LIGHTING OUR WAY!

Students at our school are asked to do service work.  Each year my students are delighted and eager to "serve' our Art Teacher by cleaning her art tables.  They get their smocks on, roll up the sleeves, and anxiously await for the mound of white foamy stuff-shaving cream!  Guaranteed to almost remove any residue and stains from previous art projects. 
First they wait.  Next they rub...and freely print letters, draw random shapes, and make little caricatures in the shaving cream as they try to work the shaving cream in the table.  Then they scrap, scrap, and scrap and suddenly erupt, "HERE'S A HARD SPOT" and await for the art teacher to use the ultimate scraper to remove the nasty residue!  Finally, the line up for a rag and water and rinse and wipe the tables to a stunning table lift.  What remains?  Stunning tables and the one of a kind shaving cream fragrance.



Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

We nominated our Trucker Buddy!

Friday at 4:33 p.m. has made it!   Thank goodness for an afternoon movie; a highly supported activity this afternoon after our over the top crazy week we have had (all were magnificent stars on the stage last night for our Christmas concert).

Yesterday we some how managed to squeeze in a heavy writing lesson!  BUT, my Multi-agers put the lead to the paper and were publishing their persuasive letters with 4 star writing like they were masters!

Who are we writing to and why??  We have decided to nominate our Trucker Buddy, Bruce for Trucker Buddy of the Month!  He has been a fantastic role model for my students by mailing us each week via snail mail or email.   His letters are thorough, detailed, and demonstrate quality crafting!  Bruce has shared his school experiences with us and has let us into his family life-even his dog knows about us!  We know where he travels and the countless hours he spends behind delivering liquid products for you and I-syrup, sugar, etc.  Without a doubt, he has our 18 votes! 

My persuasive nomination letter!

A student's persuasive nomination...awww perfect gift.

Another students persuasive letter-best buddy :)

Now, we patiently wait to hear...patiently should actually be anxiously! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

We're Santa's Elves!

Happy 12-12-12-should I type that twelve times?  I'll spare you the visual strain!  Today was also Aaron Rodgers Day-QB of the Green Bay Packers (he sports the number 12).  Almost every little good boy and girl and spectacular staff had on green and gold to support him!  Wish we would have formed the number 12 with all us cheesehead fans and then snapped a photo to send to him...ahhh should haves, could haves...

This afternoon was our Christmas Concert dress rehearsal.  I'm so proud of my wonderful shining stars!  They did a fantastic job acting like Santa's elves.  The fit the parts to a tee!  I'm amazed how a few practices equips them with Broadway skills!  They have fantastic rhythm, canary voices, and Emmy award winning talent!

Tomorrow night is the big performance!  Now, who's going to remind me to have a Kleenex in m Elf toolkit?

If you have a holiday concert or performance, I hope all your stars shine brightly!
Work, work, work...

I got this!

Beating on our drums!
All of us...shining stars!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We had a special visitor today...

HELLO!!! So, it is the big day before 12-12-12; it's like pre12-12-12!  Are you honoring December 12, 2012 in a special way?  I heard that the YMCA is allowing new registrations for $12 to commenonarate 12-12-12.

Today we had a special visitor, Mary.  I teach at a Catholic school so Mary's visit was timely and extra special!  She told us her story of her son and a few extra tid-bits about her life!  She shared with us her feelings at the time the angel spoke to her and what a blessing it was to recieve the honor to be our Savior's mother!

Mary also asked us if we had any questions.  Ahhh...what should we ask Mary?  "Were you afraid?  Did
you know Jesus was going to die?  How did it feel to see your son die?  Did Jesus have any brothers or sisters?"  Of course, Mary explained her feelings and spoke gently and mildly to my students.  They attentively listened and looked at her expecting figure.

A few waited till Mary left and then decided to ask me questions about Mary.  "Did Mary wear glasses?  Did she really look like that when she was going to have a baby?" 

What would you ask Mary?  Imagine her feelings, thoughts, and what her heart was telling her throughout Jesus' life and afterwards.

One of my student's snapshots of Mary!


Monday, December 10, 2012

My Christmas Gift to Fellow Teachers!

WOW!!!  It's a beautiful white morning here in Pulaski, WI!  We got around 4 inches of here to stay snow!  Definitely a morning to exercise patience and hold on tight driving skills!

I finished my gift for my fellow teachers!  I decided to make them a GET OUT OF FREE RECESS DUTY card!  Here it is:  Click here

Who wouldn't want an extra 15 minutes right?????   We all have recess duty one time a week, so I figured an extra 15 minutes was as good as a fresh cup of steaming Java on a Monday morning!

I did have to add a clause!  They have to redeem in the spring time-I have been "blessed" with Raynauds in my hands and feet.  If you have never heard of Raynauds, lets just say you quickly lose the feelings in your extremities and they turn a ghostly white quickly.  As the circulation returns your hands then go through great pain as the bloods flows to "revive" your extremities!

Ok, enough about my digits and toes, have a wonderful Monday!

The view outside our west windows!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Field Trip-Check!

HELLO!!!  So this morning I completed Mid-quarter grade reports..yes, I said Mid-quarter.  We are 1/2 way through 2nd quarter.  YIKES!  or EEKS!  We are also getting ready for our first possible snow storm of the season-Snowstorm Andy!  We have a possibility to get 5-6 inches of powdery white flakes!  Do you have snow?

Yesterday we went on our first field trip of the year!  We visited   Earthaven Museum  Must I say, it is rockin!!!! (pun intended)  Gold, silver, diamonds, and mammoth tusks galore!  It's a rock and gem paradise!
My students and I were mesmerized with their extensive collection of our beautiful Earth's resources and our eyes were wide open for 2 hours!  Our eyes had the accompaniment of our ears which were tuned in to hear another story by the two field trip guides and collector.  They have been to many digging hot spots to search for the biggest and most wanted gems, rocks, minerals, and fossils!

Here are a few photos to give you a snapshot of our trip:


clear Quartz

pressed Gold and Silver

ahh the collections

tell me more

I'll take that one!