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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Watch Videos on Common Core Activities

July is almost done my Blogger friends!
Summer school is done in three days.  I think I ironed over 100 fuse bead patterns.  Guess whose wrist is in shape?  Another tid-bit of information, I have yet to burn my hand this summer!  That's hot news :)

I came across a fantastic site that allows you to watch videos on Common Core Activities:
HERE  It is called LearnZillion; they name speaks for itself!  Yes, you do need to register; but it is free!  Plus, you can filter your selections and tailor it to what you want to watch (grade, subject, etc.).
Please let me know if you try and and your opinions, thoughts, etc.

July smiles,

Friday, July 26, 2013


It's Friday and I just found out I have 100 followers-one of the best Friday gifts a beginner Blogger could get!  SO, THANK YOU!!!!  Almost, as spectacular as celebrating someone's 100th birthday or the 100th day of school!
With a celebratory mood going on, I share a fun, creative, and I need a break website with you.  This is sand  is the name of the website and it is just as alluring for 5 year old as it is for a 30 something year old!  Plus,
you can download it on your Ipad!  Hold down the mouse or left click and watch the sand pour out of the cursor!  Additionally, if you click on C you can click a ban of colors...get your color on!  My summer school students LOVE LOVE LOVE this sight!  Now, do you have access to a colored printer?  Oh, you can also save your creation online in their digital library!!!  Enjoy my creative teacher friends!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Fuse Bead Fun!

It's the third term of summer school.  This term's classes-Fuse Bead Fun and Books to Movies!  Yes, Fuse Beads-have you heard of them?  I have been teaching how to do these beads for 5 summers-guess what-with the same iron.  What do I use:
Ironing Paper,
Tweezers-if needed to pick up beads,
Pattern Books,
Fuse Bead Patterns
and TIME :)

Start with a pattern board.  Get the beads you want.  Complete the board.  Use iron paper and melt the top side of the pattern.  Take the pattern board off, flip the fuse bead creation.  Iron the other side.  COOL!  THAT'S ALL!!!

Today I started a monkey (little wild and like to hang around)!  Tomorrow-bananas to go with it.
finished creations

Friday, July 19, 2013

Input Needed...Review My Website Please!

It's Friday and it .is the last day of term 2 of summer school.  2 more joyful weeks to go-14 days!  Do you contract yourself through summer?

GUESS WHAT...any guesses.  WELL, almost 100 followers!  What a sweet summer gift it would be to reach 100 by August (hint...if you would like to pass my Blog name to someone).

It has been over 3 years since I have had my website.  Today, I am updating it.  Ladies, I need your help.  Will you please check it out and send me comments, feedback, tips, and/or ideas!  I'd love to have your suggestions!  Please help me keep it fresh, helpful, appealing, and easy to navigate!

My School Website!                                                     
                                                               Thank You Flower     


Monday, July 15, 2013

I Found A New Series!!


But, not only am I sunshiny smiley about this weather, I am beaming because I found a new series in our school library!!  WHO WAS....books!  Have you read any of these?  Not only do they meet some of my social studies standards they fit very well with the Common Core Standards!!  I read Who Was Daniel Boone? and am currently devouring Who Was Sacagawea?  Next, Who Was Helen Keller?


Literacy smiles,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sing-alongs and Econ!!

Thursday has made it!!! SUN IS OUT AND MY SMILE IS ON!!

In need of social studies sing-alongs that have to do with economic topics? Needs and wants, budgeting, services, goods, producers, consumers, and saving oh my!!  Another blogger friend recommended this site
to me and now I recommended it to you!  I have printed many of the Sing-alongs which I am going
to make into a Sing-along book for my students and also laminate them to use on the overhead
for whole class reading and finding parts of speech, word endings, rhyming, etc.  They can also be used for two or three students to transform into skits!  Multiple topics and multiple uses-something to sing about!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Make An Online Comic!

JACKPOT!  I hit the online jackpot-ok..some of you probably have been on this site, but for those of you who haven't you can enjoy the wealth with me :-)

Go ahead and try this out:  Make beliefs comix

If you didn't yet..what are you waiting for??  (For those of you who did, how did your comic turn out?)

You get to choose how many frames you want, the color of the background, characters in your comic, and what type and how many speech bubbles you want.  PLUS, you can print it or email it.  HOW COOL IS THAT?  Oops, forgot you can choose from a variety of scenes, have students produce a comic together, and perhaps even make an entire comic book!!!

I am eager to try this with my what should be the focus of our first comic?


Monday, July 8, 2013

Books Come Alive into Movies

Write, publish, read, create, act, cut, produce, and watch!!!

Hello!  What the above verbs have to do with anything??  It's my second term of summer school and the class I am teaching is Books Come Alive Into Movies.  Can you guess what we will be doing?  SO SMART!!!  You are right-first we preview, then read and discuss, finally watch and compare/contrast...a little snacking too! (pretzels today)

Today we read a version of Where the Wild Things Are-a new version to me and all my 1st and 2nd graders!   It was the book that had the photos from the movie that was released in the movie theaters.
                                                             Product Details
Next we went on You Tube and watched the original version of this story  You Tube   Once the movie
started, many chimed into note they have this version at home :)   We compared and contrasted the
book from the movie.  The first thing they noted where the character differences and the length!


Finally we went to  Animal Discovery and watched "wild" animal clips and livecams!

Tomorrow-Alice in Wonderland!