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Monday, July 8, 2013

Books Come Alive into Movies

Write, publish, read, create, act, cut, produce, and watch!!!

Hello!  What the above verbs have to do with anything??  It's my second term of summer school and the class I am teaching is Books Come Alive Into Movies.  Can you guess what we will be doing?  SO SMART!!!  You are right-first we preview, then read and discuss, finally watch and compare/contrast...a little snacking too! (pretzels today)

Today we read a version of Where the Wild Things Are-a new version to me and all my 1st and 2nd graders!   It was the book that had the photos from the movie that was released in the movie theaters.
                                                             Product Details
Next we went on You Tube and watched the original version of this story  You Tube   Once the movie
started, many chimed into note they have this version at home :)   We compared and contrasted the
book from the movie.  The first thing they noted where the character differences and the length!


Finally we went to  Animal Discovery and watched "wild" animal clips and livecams!

Tomorrow-Alice in Wonderland!


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