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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Package!!!

It's a package!!  A package!  From whom...Frito Lay!  Why Frito Lay?  They are a sponsor of Trucker Buddy!  As mentioned in a previous post, Bruce, our Trucker Buddy won Trucker Buddy of the month for December!  Bruce got his package and here is ours.
What's inside?  The same question my 17 Multi-agers and I asked too?  The big reveal....
10 GIGANTIC bags of chips- 20 per bag.  (doing the math-that would be about 10 bags per student...we
distributed them to the whole school)-sorry for the sideways pictures!

THANK YOU, Frito Lay!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tech Seminiar-WeVideo

Saturday is here- can I toot the weather's horn-it's a sunny and balmy 20 degrees!  Are your feet freezing yet from just reading that?  Well, earlier this week it was 30 below with the wind chill.  But, in Wisconsin the weather changes quicker than I can tie my shoelaces sometimes!  Tomorrow's forecast- freezing rain!

Yesterday our teachers attended a tech seminar!  I signed up for Wevideo and Screencast-O-Matic (Screencast-O-Matic in a future post)!  I left both presentations eager to try both of these tools!  Have you heard or do you use either one....if you are laughing at me and thinking, geez Rosie it's about time you have your feet in tech land...then I am jealous of your tech knowledge!

Part One:  WeVideo!  We accessed it through a new tab in Google Chrome and then in Google Web Store.  Just type in WeVideo for Google Drive.  Once you found it you can download it or launch the App.  If you have Google Drive it is very easy to load and navigate.  You can make a Storyboard or Timeline of your videos from InstaGram, Flickr, FB, Google Drive, etc.   Once you have your video made you can publish it via Google Chrome or You Tube.  Here is a link to WeVideo on YouTube:  click here
I look forward to editing my videos with WeVideo, but even better-sharing them with you!
Smiles and be well!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2...Indoor Recess Blues

COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDDD....-30 with the wind chill.  I'm so thankful the good Lord did not make me an Eskimo!  How they survive and endure endless days of frozen feet and numb hands is mind boggling to me...although they probably are accumated to the conditions!  Anyone need a Spring break trip in January???

Soooo,  tis day 2 of indoor recess!  We raided our math closet- a host of math games from Goodwill and thrift shops.  Of course, many of my childhood classics live in there- Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy Land, etc.

I am thankful that we have had Gym the last two days and that my classroom is active!  Without 15 minutes of outside play for two days is not learning healthy to me, but stimulating games and body breaks sure help ease brain yawns!
Legos-always a hit!  

One of my favs-Guess Who?

Attracting Fun-MAGNETS!

Mostly Sunny and Cold
Hi 2°|Lo -10°
Partly Cloudy, Still Cold
Hi 12°|Lo -6
Tomorrow's high 12 degrees!  WOOT...we are above 10 degrees...heat wave!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beginning Stages of Paragraph Writing and RPT

Is a three f day- Fighting, Fighting, and Fighting this cold!!!
I am also trying to figure out why my pictures are also being rotated before insertion???  If you have the solution please let me know!  You will be virtually thanked!

Do you use the Hamburger model to assist your students with their paragraph writing!  We just launched this appetite stimulating organizer!  My students find it helpful and a clear way to organize their thoughts and ideas!  Below is a sample of one of my students.  Please note, we continue to work on revising and writing expanded sentences!  I was just soooo ecstatic to have them transfer their writing from the Hamburger model to the publishing paper.  Baby steps!

If you look at the top of both of the pictures, you will see three boxes labeled RPT!  WHAT IS RPT...don't recognize the acronym?
R stand for re-read...a nice boxely reminder.  P stands for peer conference-this is one of their favorite parts-socialization time :-)   Finally, can you guess what T stands for?  Hooray you did-Teacher conference-my favorite part!  They need to check the first two before they see me and the last one I check!  This little strategy has made a Whopper change in helping them remember to do these two steps before conferring with me!

sorry for the turned picture

Beginning stages of paragraph writing...awesome start!
I cannot wait to post future published paragraphs!  I am so proud of my 17 writers!  Here is the link for the Hamburger model:  click here

Smiles, be well, and sending you virtual Vitamin C drops!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Trucker Buddy Won!!

HAPPY Friday!
Please say you are staying colds, flu, drippy nose???  Me, not quite!  Woke up this morning...with what you probably guessed...a bad cold...all I can say is I'm trying to not deplete the shelves of Kleenex and hand sanitizer!  My dry and cracked hands are not happy with me!

I AM SO EXCITED AND AS HAPPY AS A CHILD WHO JUST GOT THE ULTIMATE HAPPY MEAL TREAT!  Bruce, our Trucker Buddy, won the Trucker Buddy of the Month for December!
Click Here  to read what Trucker Buddy posted!  I am tickled pink for him (ok maybe blue to match his trucking gear).   I am also thrilled that my students realized the power of their writing voice!!!

Congrats, Bruce!                     

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Family Journal

Happy Wednesday!  Are you feeling the stress of the week like me?  PLEASE say, "Yes."

Today we wrote in our favorite journals!  OUR FAMILY JOURNALS-a big write shout out to these spiral communication logs!  Since the beginning of the year, my Multi-agers have been corresponding to a family member-mom, dad, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents!  Each Wednesday, they choose who they are going to write to and then write a journal entry to the family member!  That night, the family member writes them back and we share the entries the following week!  These are a great tool to have my students summarize highlights from the past week and express their loves and passions about school!  Furthermore, my students are doing one thing that many families have little time to do these days, communicate in a written form.

Family Journal flipped-journal entry from one of my students to her sister...the sister corresponded below

...flipped twice-journal entry from the same student to her brother

entry from a student to his mom with her correspondence following
Do use a form of communication between your students and family members?  If so, please share!

NOW...after sharing this, my week's stress has just dropped 10 lbs!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Me on the Map

Happy Monday, Teachers!!!

We have been 100% dedicated to completing and presenting our Me on the Map activities.  This has been a project in our classroom for the past month.  Little by little, page by page, my Multi-agers have proudly been completing, presenting, and displaying their projects!  
This project all began with reading   
Me on the Map

Next, we watched the book on You Tube:  Video.

 We discussed how our publication would be different and similar to hers and why.  Finally, I passed out the project and we went through the project and identified our country, state, state capital, town, address, house number, and what we would draw on the page of what is in our bedroom! THANKS, DOUBLE THANKS TO Erin Eberhart WHO SHARED THE Me on the MAP PROJECT....Me on the Map

They were so proud of their completed projects!  I am amazed at their art skills and how they transfer their mental images to paper!  FASCINATING project to connect my Multi-agers to their world!

Friday, January 11, 2013

It's an Array of Arrays!

It's an array of mini-marshmallows...disappointed a couple of my Multi-agers at first when they thought they were just going to get a stack of these little white sugar 3d shapes to devour...but they changed their opinions when they began making arrays with them!
Questions posed-how can you use the marshmallows to show me 3*5 and would that look different than 5*3?  Why?  How can I determine if the answer is going to be odd or even?  How would I write my array as an addition number sentence?  Why?  A few of my students asked me- Will there be 3 in each group?  How many will I need?  As they peered next door at their learning buddies, they began to get ideas of what their marshmallows should look like.  They began to understand they needed rows and columns (we had a few prior lessons on "multiplication" before this activity.  I was delighted with their understandings and conclusions as they lined up their rows and decided that their picture for 3 *5 and 5*3 would like different but one would get the same answer- BRAVO!!!  They discussed why they would have to line them up and get their marshmallow all in order-KUDDOS!  Now, to further help them analyze their arrays to help them learn quickly before they skip count or count their marshmallows whether their answer should be even or odd...that was a little STICKY!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Super Reader, Estimation Jar, and Clues!

One of the top experiences in our classroom has to be Super Reader, Estimation Jar and Clues!  What is it...thanks for asking-reading further! :)
A student gets the ME BAG-what he or she puts the items in for his or her presentation!  The first thing the student does is read the class a book-obviously not a novel or chapter book!  Pictures books are wonderful and favorite choices.  The audience gives the presenter support at the end and positive feedback!  I'm so proud of my Multi-agers responses- "You read fluently.  You used expression.  You have great eye contact 4 star comments.  Next the presenter does the Estimation Jar.  He or she fills it with an item other than food-sorry no chocolates to keep after the presenter is done.  He or she writes the quantity on a piece of paper and tapes it to the lid.  I CAREFULLY peel of the answer and give them a range in which they need to make their prediction of the amount.  They anxiously write their answers on their white boards and shows their responses to the presenter.  He or she proclaims the number and those who accurately predicted SHOUT with joy!!!  Can you hear them?  Finally, the presenter chooses 5 items to give 3 clues to.  He or she selectively gives three clues about the item and we need to guess what he or she is describing.  If no one is guesses, he or she reveals the secret item!  I have seen key chains, snow globes, playing cards, trophy's, etc.
We end the presentation with positive support for the presenter and then I offer my feedback to our presenter!  Everyone has done a Top of the Class job!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Owls, pellets, and food chains, oh my!

Happy Monday, my fellow Bloggers!  Welcome back to another school week!  Were you looking for your roller blades like I was; I'm thinking soon I will be able to invent a pair appropriate for teachers!
On Friday we did our last lesson in our animal unit-food chains!  First, we began with a spider map-we brainstormed everything we need about food chains.  My Multi-agers recorded the notes in their science notebooks (they are becoming excellent recorders).  We discussed how food chains start, end, and what happens to food chains if an animal in the food chain becomes extinct or is endangered.  Additionally, we talked about our role in nature and on food chains; what happens when we spill oil in the ocean or hunt animals?  Next, we made food chains using Beanie Babies.  All the groups needed to have one person play two parts- the sun and the vegetation.  They shared their food chains with the class and we critiqued the food chains they made-working on the speaking and listening standards. Then we went on the Smart Board and did a virtual owl pellet.  If you have not used this site it as rich as Richie Rich-it is full of valuable information on the formation of the pellet and the bones one might find:
click here   One is also to click on the bones from the virtual pellet to match up with the bones that are on the side margin of the page.  It is fascinating; we were all in awe of how this happens and the wonders of this process!  Finally, we dissected owl pellets I got from the Wildlife Sanctuary.  I gave them a sheet which identified all the bones of a mouse (these pellets only had mice bones).  We had a few that had a full skull-ever year I have done this I always have a lucky scientist who finds one!  They were nervous at first, but then were looking for a second pellet as they became comfortable with their explorations!  Almost all of them took their bones home; where the bones went after they left my classroom is another blog post waiting for me to publish!

Trying to make a food chain

Virtual information

Matching the bones

What will I find now?


Later my scientist bloggers,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Baptism!

Have you ever experienced a baptism at a school Mass?  I did on Thursday!  In 11 years of teaching I have many noteworthy, breath taking, and Hallmark moments to reflect on; but none quite like one of my students being baptized!  WHAT A BLESSING IT WAS to see her accepting Jesus into her heart and listening to her and her family declare their faith in God!  God's miracles, promises, and his love for us was displayed on January 3rd at 8:30 A.M.


We voted! Bruce 11 it is!

Saturday, it's sunny, and, And, ANd, AND we are in the first round of playoffs tonight at 7:00 p.m.-GO PACK!!  (had to do it...sorry Viking fans).
How did your three days go after break?  Did you try to cram a week into three days?  Or, are you waiting for Monday to arrive and start your New Year with your students?  Our three days were eventful, nonstop, and full of ear to ear smiles!  I was ready to get out my ruler with my students (as they were measuring body parts) to measure their height...I think of few of them had a growth spurt during break...was it the Christmas cookies, milk, or Egg Nog?
Well one of the moments my Multi-agers were waiting for arrived!  We voted on what to name our Sock Monkey that our Trucker Buddy sent us!  After the votes were totaled, it was a tie between Bruce 11 and Sockies.  Then, a second vote occurred and BRUCE 11 won hands up!  He is now our classroom mascot and cheerleader!  We sent our survey results to Bruce (our Trucker Buddy) and he was honored!  Now, that is monkey business and not Monkeying around; or is it?

1st Vote!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013-It's here and I just got done pausing for a moment to reflect...

Happy New Year Bloggers!  Did you have a chance to reflect on 2012?  Were you able to flip through photos-digital or hand held smile, have a inner conversation, or even tear up knowing how blessed you have been?  Ahhh life is amazing, isn't it!  Driving today I reflected on the beauty of this amazing world. God has done wonders- how the snow peaceful rests on the broad Evergreen branches, how the shivering birds are all huddled on the power lines with determination that amazes me, the bright sun with its energy, heat, and power that I take for granted assuming it will just always be there for me, and just the magic of how nature just seems to be tuned in and insync with all its elements!  I AM TRULY THANKFUL!
Thanks to all of you for following me!  You all energize me and spark my creativity! 
Here is to 2013!  I hope we have the best educational, enriching, and enlightening year yet-the three Es!