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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013-It's here and I just got done pausing for a moment to reflect...

Happy New Year Bloggers!  Did you have a chance to reflect on 2012?  Were you able to flip through photos-digital or hand held smile, have a inner conversation, or even tear up knowing how blessed you have been?  Ahhh life is amazing, isn't it!  Driving today I reflected on the beauty of this amazing world. God has done wonders- how the snow peaceful rests on the broad Evergreen branches, how the shivering birds are all huddled on the power lines with determination that amazes me, the bright sun with its energy, heat, and power that I take for granted assuming it will just always be there for me, and just the magic of how nature just seems to be tuned in and insync with all its elements!  I AM TRULY THANKFUL!
Thanks to all of you for following me!  You all energize me and spark my creativity! 
Here is to 2013!  I hope we have the best educational, enriching, and enlightening year yet-the three Es!

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