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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beginning Stages of Paragraph Writing and RPT

Is a three f day- Fighting, Fighting, and Fighting this cold!!!
I am also trying to figure out why my pictures are also being rotated before insertion???  If you have the solution please let me know!  You will be virtually thanked!

Do you use the Hamburger model to assist your students with their paragraph writing!  We just launched this appetite stimulating organizer!  My students find it helpful and a clear way to organize their thoughts and ideas!  Below is a sample of one of my students.  Please note, we continue to work on revising and writing expanded sentences!  I was just soooo ecstatic to have them transfer their writing from the Hamburger model to the publishing paper.  Baby steps!

If you look at the top of both of the pictures, you will see three boxes labeled RPT!  WHAT IS RPT...don't recognize the acronym?
R stand for re-read...a nice boxely reminder.  P stands for peer conference-this is one of their favorite parts-socialization time :-)   Finally, can you guess what T stands for?  Hooray you did-Teacher conference-my favorite part!  They need to check the first two before they see me and the last one I check!  This little strategy has made a Whopper change in helping them remember to do these two steps before conferring with me!

sorry for the turned picture

Beginning stages of paragraph writing...awesome start!
I cannot wait to post future published paragraphs!  I am so proud of my 17 writers!  Here is the link for the Hamburger model:  click here

Smiles, be well, and sending you virtual Vitamin C drops!

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