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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ahhh Break!!

HELLO Bloggers and Teacher Friends!!!

I am visiting my sister and her family in Crest Hills, Illinois!  Yes, I have decided to "get away" for a few days!
We have had an active few days!  Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue, Rainforest Cafe, Christmas lights touring, Zumba, Just Dance ( Wii rhythm video offered on Amazon) , and much more excitement!  GUESS WHO DOES NOT WANT TO LEAVE-me!

How has your break been?

First time on Ice Skates

Navy Pier
Here is a link to Navy Pier 
Downtown Chicago

Rainforest Cafe

Cheery smiles,

Thursday, December 19, 2013


1 more day to break bloggers (or are you on break).

Good news to share with you!!! Ready???  Our K-5th Grade Teaching Staff have all been nominated for the Golden Apple Award!  I am proud and honored to teach with this collaborative, creative, caring, and flexible teaching team!  Here is a link of information Golden Apple Awards

Golden smiles,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013



GUESS WHAT???  Nope, am not retiring- not even close!  Nope, it is not a snow day!  Nope, I did not win endless coffee at Starbucks!  Our Home/School Committee donated three iPad's!  GUESS WHO IS HAPPY???  Me and our entire staff!  They are working on securing more donations!  Very blessed, my friends!!!  (many wonderful break tasks ahead of me)....

Electronic smiles,

Friday, December 13, 2013

Little Books-but BIG TREASURES!!!

Happy Friday-it's the 13th!  WOOT...we got outside for recess (we needed to remind ourselves how to put on our snowpants!  YAH!!!

One of my little charmers left me a hand-made book on my desk!  Here's a peek!
Sorry-tried to rotate...
One of the lines...She is the Best with a capital B. :-)

No teacher award needed just this!!!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

It' Concert Time-the Best Gift of All!!!

BRRR!!! Folks we have had indoor recess since Tuesday!  Got 70's?  Send them our way, please.

This week has been a singing and dancing great time!  We are preparing our vocal cords and syncing our dance moves for tonight's concert!

Here is a picture from yesterday's dress rehearsal.  Theme:  The Best Gift of All:  Jesus

Sorry it's a little fuzzy!!!  Our wonderful music teacher is in the middle-SHE ROCKS!!
Packaged smiles your way,

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Visit to the Bank and St. Nicholas Eve!

BRRRR!!!  Recess duty with a strong north wind that makes one's cheeks look redder thank Rudolph's nose  makes me thankful for 98 degree weather!

Today we took a small local field trip to the bank.  Santa was there to greet us (as well as hot chocolate, reindeer food, and snacks).

St. Nicholas comes tonight...below is my gift to my students!

Red and white smiles,

Monday, December 2, 2013

Streak Test!


What did you buy?

Me, only one thing but it wasn't marketed as a Cyber Deal!  Did get to make an offer, though and won!!!

Our Rock and Mineral Unit is over half way done.  (I know, that is hard to grasp and makes my lip sink like a bag of granite).  Today we learned how to streak a mineral to identify it's true color.  We used a black plate and one that was white.  Do you think both plates indicated the same streak color?  A resounding, no. Additionally, although some minerals to the eye were black or speckled, they might leave a red or brown spot.  Do you know what some of those minerals are?  Streak a piece of Hematite and let me know the results.

And what are we doing tomorrow-so glad you asked-the light test!!

Rocky smiles,