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Monday, December 2, 2013

Streak Test!


What did you buy?

Me, only one thing but it wasn't marketed as a Cyber Deal!  Did get to make an offer, though and won!!!

Our Rock and Mineral Unit is over half way done.  (I know, that is hard to grasp and makes my lip sink like a bag of granite).  Today we learned how to streak a mineral to identify it's true color.  We used a black plate and one that was white.  Do you think both plates indicated the same streak color?  A resounding, no. Additionally, although some minerals to the eye were black or speckled, they might leave a red or brown spot.  Do you know what some of those minerals are?  Streak a piece of Hematite and let me know the results.

And what are we doing tomorrow-so glad you asked-the light test!!

Rocky smiles,

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