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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It's September 25th just in case you needed a reminder :-)

And 1, 2, 3, and stretch, 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Yesterday we had our 1 minute run.  Each month we add a minute and in May or June we run a mile on the track at the middle school.  Pat our teachers on the back; they join too!  Next month, two minutes!

Heart Healthy Smiles,

Friday, September 20, 2013

Buzzing with Honeybees and Tech Trip to Washington D.C.!


It's Friday!  IT'S Friday!  IT'S FRIDAY!!

Yesterday we are all a buzz with dehydrated honey bees!  In our science kit (Plant Kit) we learned about the role and the important part the bee plays in pollination!  We also learned about the different roles the worker bees have, what the queen bee does, and the job of the drone.  Next we all got a dehydrated bee (on a stick), a magnifying glass, and our science journals to draw what we saw.  "Their hairy.  I see 5 eyes.  Look at the wings."  I must admit I thought a few of us would be squeamish and hesitant, but we buzzed right in!  To conclude our lesson, we also watched bee dances on You Tube!

We also got to Skype a parent who was in Washington D.C.  Do you recognize the building in the back?

Buzzing smiles,

Monday, September 16, 2013

Stamina Growing and Students Are Loving Read to Someone

We are half way through September.  I have three more reading tests to do and them all my students current Guided Reading Level will be known!  How are you doing with assessments?

Our stamina continues to grow!  I am so proud of my Multi-agers urgency to read and grow their reading skills!  Today they were able to read to someone and got right to it; now time to lose :-)  When we did check-ins and checked our stamina, many reported that they enjoyed reading to someone and were surprised how well they did.  All the partners choose 1 book to share; now what will two different books look like?


Friday, September 13, 2013

Brassica Plants-Oh How You Are Growing!

Friday- the 13th...but you knew that already!  Anything scary?  Out of the Ordinary?  Noteworthy?

Perhaps the weather?  This morning it was a balmy 52 degrees!  Well I am being ironic because Monday morning it was over 70 at the same time!  IT'S WISCONSIN my friends!

Today we entered day 11 of our plant unit.  On Monday we planted Brassica seeds-a fast acting/growing seed that was created in Wisconsin.  4 days later they have sprouted and are looking GREAT!  The focus of today's lesson was on thinning and transplanting!  I was surprised when a few of my students shared with me that they had "did this with their mom."  *this*.  Many intriguing questions were asked about the purpose of thinning and transplanting.  What happens if we didn't?  Additionally, they were inquisitive and concerned about the seeds that did not sprout/germinate!  Inquiring minds want to know.

Here a couple photos of us examining our plants!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tears Were Flowing!!!


Today we discussed personal narratives-parts, expectations, leads, etc.  I told my Multi's (Multi-agers) to be ready for me to get sappy because my personal narrative was going to be a true story about my two dear friends that lost their battle to cancer (they were also teachers in our school).  I started out my narrative...It was at the coffee (supposed to say shop) -it was the last time that Sandy and I laughed together before her Cancer came back. Then my lady friends, I bawled...first time ever as a teacher.  Needless to say, when I was done, my Multi-agers understood how one should be connected to their personal narrative and write with expression and voice.  One of my students mentioned and suggested I should hang it in the school lobby.  Additionally, when we reviewed it, another student asked about the other teacher I was going to write about...I admitted I was so overcome by emotion for my first friend...I could not continue to go on about my second.  Thus a revision is in store!  Tomorrow- revise and edit!

Teary smiles,

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Trip To Italy-Via Skype

Hello :-)
Is it your 2nd week of school?  Me, yes; it will also be our first "full" week of school!

TODAY WE HAD A WONDERFUL LEARNING DAY;  Can you see I am a LITTLE excited about reporting about our day?  Hmmm...were to start?  What should I tell you about first?  Well...

Ok...I'll jump right to the highlight!  We Skyped a former teacher who is Italy!  She has been there since Labor Day and is on a guided tour throughout the country- Can I feel how jealous I am of her??

She was unable to get Wifi outside of the hotel, so she Skyped inside her room.  But, she was able to show us the view she sees when she looks out her hotel-BREATH TAKING!!!!

What a cultural and geographical treat for us.

Italian smiles,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Do You See What I See?

It's Wednesday! It's Hump Day-as they say-almost over the hump :-)

Yesterday and today we talked about our role as scientists!  What does a scientist do?  What is he/she searching for?  How does he/she record his/her information?  What tools are used?

Today's tool of focus-a magnifying glass.  We asked:  What side should we use?  Do we bring the object up to the magnifying glass or move our magnifying glass to the object?  Why does one side look blurry?  What can I see with a magnifying glass that I can't without one?

After we discovered how to use our magnifying glasses we used them in our plant unit.  We used our magnifying to analyze a  bean seed.  We noted its color, texture, size, smell, and drew a picture of it.

Tomorrow we use our wonderful tool to help us note what happened to our bean seed after it has been in water all night!

Magnified smiles,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Each Kindness!

FIRST DAY...check (well almost because I am still working on school work)

How was your first day-do you need to retrain your bladder and feet :)

Today we read Each Kindness to remind us how our actions have a ripple effect on others. (it's also a great segue into Classroom Agreements/rules).    KINDNESS SPREADS!  Following the reading, we used marbles and drop them in a bowl of colored water and watched the ripple effect.  Each student shared a kind deed he/she saw someone do and then the ripples enchanted us after she/he dropped their marble!

More posts about our FANTASTIC FIRST DAY TO COME....don't lose sleep over wondering what I might share with's all good :-)

1st Day Smiles,