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Monday, September 9, 2013

A Trip To Italy-Via Skype

Hello :-)
Is it your 2nd week of school?  Me, yes; it will also be our first "full" week of school!

TODAY WE HAD A WONDERFUL LEARNING DAY;  Can you see I am a LITTLE excited about reporting about our day?  Hmmm...were to start?  What should I tell you about first?  Well...

Ok...I'll jump right to the highlight!  We Skyped a former teacher who is Italy!  She has been there since Labor Day and is on a guided tour throughout the country- Can I feel how jealous I am of her??

She was unable to get Wifi outside of the hotel, so she Skyped inside her room.  But, she was able to show us the view she sees when she looks out her hotel-BREATH TAKING!!!!

What a cultural and geographical treat for us.

Italian smiles,

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