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Friday, September 13, 2013

Brassica Plants-Oh How You Are Growing!

Friday- the 13th...but you knew that already!  Anything scary?  Out of the Ordinary?  Noteworthy?

Perhaps the weather?  This morning it was a balmy 52 degrees!  Well I am being ironic because Monday morning it was over 70 at the same time!  IT'S WISCONSIN my friends!

Today we entered day 11 of our plant unit.  On Monday we planted Brassica seeds-a fast acting/growing seed that was created in Wisconsin.  4 days later they have sprouted and are looking GREAT!  The focus of today's lesson was on thinning and transplanting!  I was surprised when a few of my students shared with me that they had "did this with their mom."  *this*.  Many intriguing questions were asked about the purpose of thinning and transplanting.  What happens if we didn't?  Additionally, they were inquisitive and concerned about the seeds that did not sprout/germinate!  Inquiring minds want to know.

Here a couple photos of us examining our plants!

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