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Friday, September 20, 2013

Buzzing with Honeybees and Tech Trip to Washington D.C.!


It's Friday!  IT'S Friday!  IT'S FRIDAY!!

Yesterday we are all a buzz with dehydrated honey bees!  In our science kit (Plant Kit) we learned about the role and the important part the bee plays in pollination!  We also learned about the different roles the worker bees have, what the queen bee does, and the job of the drone.  Next we all got a dehydrated bee (on a stick), a magnifying glass, and our science journals to draw what we saw.  "Their hairy.  I see 5 eyes.  Look at the wings."  I must admit I thought a few of us would be squeamish and hesitant, but we buzzed right in!  To conclude our lesson, we also watched bee dances on You Tube!

We also got to Skype a parent who was in Washington D.C.  Do you recognize the building in the back?

Buzzing smiles,


Comincioli said...

That is so excited skyping with a parent in Washington D.C. What a great thing for the kids to experience!!

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