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Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Easel of Fame!

Sunny, Stormy, and Steamy!!!  SSSSSSSSSSS!

Yes, it was a scorcher in our classroom today!  Temps were above 75 degrees, but we tried to maintain focus and thank God for cool water!  (I would take it any day over 30 and below).

Guess what?  I know have a Easel of Fame!!!  My Multi-agers have been leaving me random notes on my easel.  Love you.  You rock.  You are tops.  You are the bomb.  ETC..  Can you guess who is a HAPPY, SMILING, PROUD, Teacher-!  Not sure who started this wave of praise...but I love it!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All School Run!

Today we had our 1 mile run- YES-1 mile!  The whole student body run, including most of the teachers.
Each month since September we have been running 1 minute-adding 1 minute each month.  Well, today we all went to the Middle School and ran 4 laps-1 mile on their track!  I am so proud of all our runners!  WAY to stay active, be fit, and condition your body!


Sweaty smiles,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

2D and 3D Marshmallow Sculptures!

Happy Sunny Sunday,

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend and taking a few moments to thank all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to be free and have the rights which we are blessed with!

Create, sculpt, but don't eat!  Yes, C.S. but do not E.
The perfect lesson to end our unit on 2d and 3d figures/shapes (have yet to find out if we are supposed to be calling them figures or shapes...if you know please let me know) 3D marshmallow figures.  What about a rectangular prism?  How about a cube?  Are you inclined to make a pyramid?  All were open to sculpting as long as they had a urge to create a sticky 3D figure.  A few of the results-a church, hexagon, triangular prism, pyramids, cubes, and more!  We were impressed by the delicate touch of each student to create their masterpieces.

Here is a link to a site I used to help guide us to our creations.  THANKS, Rachelle!

Sweet and sticky smiles,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mutli-age Classroom Store Updates!

Drip, Drip, DROP!!!

It's raining!!

Well, back to what's happening in our classroom!  Our Multi-age Classroom Store is now closed!  WE HAD TWO WONDERFUL DAYS OF SALES!  I am so proud of my young business men and ladies.  If they had formal wear on one would have thought they just graduated with a business major!  Many of them sold out and a few could not keep up with the demands!  Their prices, sales tactics and customer service skills attracted the same customers two days in our row!  Even teachers stop in to shop!!!

Drum roll please......we made $114 for American Cancer Society- all items were less than 25 cents!



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Multi-age Classroom Store

PRAYERS first and foremost for our friends in Oklahoma!!!

Today we had our grand opening of our Multi-age Classroom Store!  We opened our classroom doors to our staff and students to come shop at our store!  Each student brought in 1-3 priced items to sell in our store!  Each item had to be priced and labeled...picking from 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 cents.  Next they displayed their items on their desks to attract potential buyers and costumers!  Their mini store layouts worked and many items were sold.  Some students even sold out.  The stress balls were the hot item!  Of course fantastic salesmanship and costumer curiosity always helps too!  After our costumers left then we shopped!  All our proceeds will go to American Cancer Society on behalf of two Teachers we lost and were called to eternal rest after losing their fight to Cancer.
Tomorrow-Day 2!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Praise About You!

GREETINGS from stormy WI!

Is it storming by you?  Here-very windy and we are ready to storm!

On Friday we did praise behind your back-well actually on a piece of card stock!  Each student neatly printed their names in the middle of a colored piece of card stock.  Next, we printed wonderful describing adjectives that we could print on each other's card stock.  Each student got a permanent marker and went around to each person's desk and wrote an adjective about that person!  Next, we shared our adjectives with each other!  THEY WERE BEAMING when they read what everyone said about them.  Finally I laminated them and gave them back to them to take home!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Measuring with Marshmallows!

Happy Friday!!!

Is it raining by you?  We have a beautiful hue of green blanketing our village and everything is in bloom!  Did I mention that the birds are thrilled by all of this?

Yesterday we used big and mini marshmallows to measure lines!  At first they were a little tricky to line up end to end with no gaps or space, but eventually we learned a few strategies to get them to stay on the line like proper ducklings.  We pondered:  how many would it take?  How many fewer big than small?  Next, we also used our rulers and measured the lines.  Of course, the final question, "When can we eat them?"

Here is the link to the activity I used!  THANKS, Kelli!!! Marshmallow-Measurement

Sticky smiles,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Library and Park Walking Trip!

What a gorgeous day in Northeast WI!  A perfect day for us to walk to the public library and the park!  AHHH-learning in our community and outdoors.  My idea of an A+ education!

First we headed downtown (in the middle of construction) to our local library!  We brought our library cards and were able to check out hot reads after we shared 2 books that I brought along-
This was the 1st one we shared!

  Next, they got to check out 3-4 books and the others who did not bring their card read picture books as they waited!  I found a 4 star hot read-a book I quickly put on hold for us to read at school.

                                                                 Product Image

Next, we packed up and headed to the park-we went around the construction this time!  I gave them 5 minutes of park time and then we gathered to use Cheerios to show arrays and division!  Of course, the paper plates I packed were not strongest brand, but they did work (a few cheerios landed on the ground for our friendly Cheerio animal lovers).  I am so proud of all my students; they have come miles in their math skills and strategies!  (oooh and we did also get to eat our own treats we brought with us).

Cheerio math


Ahh snacks!

Jump this a lesson in physics?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Walk for a Cure!

Today we walked for 45 minutes-ok-some ran, others trotted, most a nice leisurely pace!  The goal-not to stop by walk for a cure!  For who-anyone who is suffering from Diabetes.  One child in our school was our focus for this walk-a bright and bubbly 5th grader who was diagnosed in Kindergarten.  Today she has a special helper to help with her counts and uses an insulin pump!  SHE CONTINUES TO TAKE HOLD OF HER CONDITION AND LIVES EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST!
Keep walking, keep walking!!!


10 years later...

Happy Terrific Tuesday,
Graduation time is just right around the corner.  Confession-I'm feeling 2nd group of 2nd graders who I taught 10 years ago graduated this year!  Last year was memorable when my 1st class that I taught graduated, but for some reason this group of kiddos-ok, fine young adults are now graduating.

As last year, I am sending each of them a congrats card and mailing it to each of them (to their attention).  Yes, snail mail with a note wrote in does still happen :-)


Friday, May 10, 2013

90 Followers!!! THANK YOU!!


I'm tickled pink, red, and orange!  I have 90 wonderful, caring, and supportive followers-YOU!!
Thank you! 100 achievable by June!  Would you be able to help me?  Many smiles, numerous thanks, and unlimited pats on the back through the tech ways would be coming your way if you could recommend my Blog to other Bloggers!!!  Again, thank you!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Video!


We are making a video for our wonderful and loving Moms!  Each student had to interview another student about what makes his/her Mom special..a 4 star Mom!  We are compiling the videos to make a movie and then I will send it to our Moms!  (many tears after watching the sentimental thoughts!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


HELLO!  I need to spread the warm's in the 70's in Wisconsin and it's May 8th!  How does that happen?  Well...wish I had that magic, because tomorrow it is dropping back down to the 50's!

The past two weeks our school has been preparing for tomorrow  night's spring concert at 6:00 P.M.  Blogger friends-you are all invited!!!

My performers are Heading West-perfect-they can use their Colonial clothes that we used for our Time Fair for their performances!  Today we had dress rehearsal- a disclaimer- I am going to brag- THEY WERE FANTASTIC!! So proud of them!  To be able to memorize and perform their songs for their parts in a couple weeks is phenomenal!  Just a pat a the back for what the arts and music does to maximize a student's learning potential and achievement!


My Multi-age students


Monday, May 6, 2013

Diabetes Walk

Monday has made it!  We are officially half way through 4th Quarter...yes I did type that correctly!

Today we designed and decorated a white T-shirt for our annual Diabetes' Walk.  I allowed my Multi-agers to use permanent and fabric markers to decorate their shirts.  They were given some parameters to work in and guide them but, the shirt decor was for the most  part, was created with their imagination with Diabetes and our 5th grader in mind.  One of our 5th graders has Diabetes.  She has been with us since Kindergarten, and found she had Diabetes when she was in Kindergarten.  Every year since then we have had a Diabetes Walk and have decorated shirts to support her!

Walk for a Cure!!!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mooing, Milking, and Munching!

Hello!  Ahhh it's Saturday!  Ahh it's Saturday!  Repeat but needed to type it twice!  

Yesterday we had a presenter from Brown County Diary Promotions!  She presented the program Mooing, Milking, and Munching.  Alright, can you guess what we learned about?  Our topics of conversation?  Anyone?  Yes, you are right.  Cows, milk, and milk products-cheese, cheese, and more cheese!  HUNGRY?

We used our Smart Board to watch her presentation, which corresponded to the book she was reading, and then she showed us some equipment and supplies used on a dairy farm.  We had several farming families so they were able to connect to all the items.  In fact, many of our kiddos could expand upon her points and where the young experts!

We were also given a CHEESY treat-Colby cheese-invented in Wisconsin!  By the way, did you know WISCONSIN in the cheese capital in the world?

Calcium Smiles,

Friday, May 3, 2013

How Many Ways to Fill in a Hexagon?

It's Friday...and Jean Day!  HOOT!!!
Yesterday we used our white boards and a hexagon outline on our white boards to try to figure out how many ways we could fill in a hexagon!  Of course, all my Multi-agers asked if they could use 2 trapezoids or another hexagon!  I said, "Yes," but they needed to try for at least 4 different ways!  BRAVO most of them did.  How about you?