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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Library and Park Walking Trip!

What a gorgeous day in Northeast WI!  A perfect day for us to walk to the public library and the park!  AHHH-learning in our community and outdoors.  My idea of an A+ education!

First we headed downtown (in the middle of construction) to our local library!  We brought our library cards and were able to check out hot reads after we shared 2 books that I brought along-
This was the 1st one we shared!

  Next, they got to check out 3-4 books and the others who did not bring their card read picture books as they waited!  I found a 4 star hot read-a book I quickly put on hold for us to read at school.

                                                                 Product Image

Next, we packed up and headed to the park-we went around the construction this time!  I gave them 5 minutes of park time and then we gathered to use Cheerios to show arrays and division!  Of course, the paper plates I packed were not strongest brand, but they did work (a few cheerios landed on the ground for our friendly Cheerio animal lovers).  I am so proud of all my students; they have come miles in their math skills and strategies!  (oooh and we did also get to eat our own treats we brought with us).

Cheerio math


Ahh snacks!

Jump this a lesson in physics?

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