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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mooing, Milking, and Munching!

Hello!  Ahhh it's Saturday!  Ahh it's Saturday!  Repeat but needed to type it twice!  

Yesterday we had a presenter from Brown County Diary Promotions!  She presented the program Mooing, Milking, and Munching.  Alright, can you guess what we learned about?  Our topics of conversation?  Anyone?  Yes, you are right.  Cows, milk, and milk products-cheese, cheese, and more cheese!  HUNGRY?

We used our Smart Board to watch her presentation, which corresponded to the book she was reading, and then she showed us some equipment and supplies used on a dairy farm.  We had several farming families so they were able to connect to all the items.  In fact, many of our kiddos could expand upon her points and where the young experts!

We were also given a CHEESY treat-Colby cheese-invented in Wisconsin!  By the way, did you know WISCONSIN in the cheese capital in the world?

Calcium Smiles,

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