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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spelling Bee!!!

It's folks, that is not the first time I typed that...winter seems to be passing by soooo slowly! Hmmm wonder what the groundhog will say!!!

Yesterday we had our first ABVM Spelling Bee!  First we had the try outs!  Five students from each grade Mutli-age 2-3 thought 5 would earn a spot in the Spelling Bee!

My Multi-agers did so well!  One made it to the remaining 4.

Spelling Smiles,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Borox Crystals

Happy Thursday Teacher Bloggers!

Today we examined our first set of Borox Crystal Snowflakes!  We were in awe of how the crystals formed on the white pipe cleaners!  The below picture does not due justice to the beauty of the crystals!  
Tips:  make sure Borax dissolves in boiling water
         make sure to use a wide mouthed jar
         make sure to examine and check for crystallization of the bottom of the jar

I colored water pink/red, thus the red liquid in the bottom of the bowl!

Shiny smiles,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. Skit and Measuring with Centimeters!

On Monday we read a skit on Martin Luther King Jr.  The skit discussed the life of young Martin to adult Martin.  The skit spoke well to my Multi-agers about discrimination, unfair treatment, and the separation that occurred during King's life and what he peacefully tried to end!  My Multi-agers were so impressed with the Skit and what King stood for and promoted that they asked to perform the skit!  I AM OVERWHELMED WITH JOY by their initiative to ask to perform a "part of our history."  Copy of Skit

Today my Youngers-1st Graders' math lesson was to measure with centimeters.  Our math program had them use ones blocks which are 1 centimeter long!  We found out quickly a centimeter is and they know understand the difference in measurement/size between an inch and centimeter!

Peaceful smiles,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's All About Snow!

It's a terrific Thursday!

Today we are going to try to capture snowflakes!  We are knee deep in our unit on snow crystals/flakes.
We have watched videos on snow.   Here are some that we thought were our favorites:
Science of Snow
Snowflake Watching
Our World Snowflakes

We also read informative and captivating informational texts on snow:

Today we try to capture snowflakes on black paper and examine them with magnifying glasses!
We are even going to try two and yes, three magnifying glasses taped together?  Will it enhance and enlarge the flake even more?

Magnified smiles,

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Life Quilt

It's Sunny in northeast WI!!!  Wow, does it make me feel awesome!

Next week Monday, a huge project is due for my students- our Life Quilts.  Today, we shared a few that were brought in early.  I am amazed at the stories the pictures tell.  I find it remarkable what pictures my students' families choose!

Here are a few (enjoy)

Sunny smiles and thank you to the Splendid Teacher who shared the graphic organizer,

Friday, January 10, 2014

Community Help Jars!

Yippee it's Friday-another 2 day school week.  Next week, could we actually have five days of school?

For the past 4 days-that means the last two weeks of school, we have been busy creating, giving, and serving our community.  We each made a Community Help container.  All of us got together and discussed what we could do to help our community.  We decided we would make and collect items for them.  So far, we have made bookmarks for the library, get well cards to hand out prescriptions at the pharmacy, snowflakes for the nursing home.  We have also collected pencils and paper for students who are in need of school supplies.  I AM OVERWHELMED BY MY STUDENTS CHARITABLE HEARTS!!
Here are a few of our containers:


Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Special Gift!

Thursday Blogger Friends!
We are finally back in session after a 3 day "Polar Vortex" no school vacation!  Yes, it was -35 with the windchill!  Cold enough to have boiling water instantly crystallize when thrown outside!

Come to WI if you want to try these experiments....

Today one of my Multi-agers gave me her Christmas gift.  She has been telling me she would be bringing it since three days before Christmas-IT FINALLY MADE IT!!!!

"Did you open it?  You are going to like it.  Just wait."  Ok, I opened it.

One of the most thoughtful gifts I got.  She remembered my water bottle's my replacement.


Warm smiles,

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oliver K. Woodman!

Happy New Year Teachers!

Last month we sent out our Oliver K. Woodmans with letters of instructions!  He was sent all over the country to our friends and relatives!

Great news-his travels and letters are returning.  He has traveled to New York, California, and South Carolina so far!  We await 13 more letters and pictures!

Here is a link to the document I shared with my students' families:
Oliver Document

Here is the book from Amazon:

Product Details
We have started to map his travels:

Oliver smiles to you!!!