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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Martin Luther King Jr. Skit and Measuring with Centimeters!

On Monday we read a skit on Martin Luther King Jr.  The skit discussed the life of young Martin to adult Martin.  The skit spoke well to my Multi-agers about discrimination, unfair treatment, and the separation that occurred during King's life and what he peacefully tried to end!  My Multi-agers were so impressed with the Skit and what King stood for and promoted that they asked to perform the skit!  I AM OVERWHELMED WITH JOY by their initiative to ask to perform a "part of our history."  Copy of Skit

Today my Youngers-1st Graders' math lesson was to measure with centimeters.  Our math program had them use ones blocks which are 1 centimeter long!  We found out quickly a centimeter is and they know understand the difference in measurement/size between an inch and centimeter!

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