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Friday, August 30, 2013

Ready For 1st Day? Well Let's Look!!!

If you have not started how nervous, anxious, and rolly-polly stomach feeling are you?  Ready for the new school fashion trends?  Oh, don't forget the smell of newness?  (is that a word)

I SPY...what do you I Spy?  If you were a Multi-ager in my classroom that would be your morning work on the first day-Sept. 3.  Yes, you see I am looping with my kiddos and now they get to spend the first minutes of the first day spying what has changed.  I am hoping I remember everything..wink wink ;)  Some of my students' memories will be better than mine will be even if I take Fish Oil :-)
Enjoy your weekend!

Labor Day Weekend Smiles,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


HELLO!  It's been awhile...can I type that I've been a hair busy?  Ok, I just did, and maybe it's more than one hair.

This year I am looping with my Multi-agers.  YAH!  Last year we were the proud, achieving, and eager Multi-agers 1-2 this year we are the soon to be faith-filled, dedicated, and successful Multi-agers 2-3.

I am pumped about this experience and look forward to the opportunity to serve these 16 students and families.  They are a wonderful group and I have transformed my teaching because of their passions,
challenges, and strengths.

This year, more opportunity awaits.

Oh...almost forgot...this year for Open House I am going to pass out "loops-rings" to signify that I am honored to be "looping" with them.  Here's a document I created that will go with the "loops"
Looping Document

A Snip-it of the document!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Need A Website That Recommends Book Lists?

Hello Teachers!
It's 88 degrees here!  Sounds like a name of a pop band :-)  I think this is Wisconsin's last run of warm weather for the year!  Believe me, I am eating up the sun rays.

So, are you hungry for a site that has multiple selections of books choices categorized by ages, awards, themes, genres, or/subject.  YOU ARE GOING TO BE SERVED DESSERT WITH THIS SITE:   Bookworm  It has been helping me choose books for Daily 5/Cafe and to meet the Common Core ELA Standards!  Not quite that far yet to be my best teacher friend, but close!  ENJOY!


Literacy smiles to you,

Friday, August 16, 2013


Summer has returned in Wisconsin!  Small's the weather by you?  Must admit nothing is every going to be put in seasonal totes; by me one never knows what the next hour's weather will bring so have all seasons clothing ready and hanging!

Today was my last day to summer tutor a 2nd grade kiddo.  GUESS WHAT? She brought me these:

Straight from her backyard- those are the best!  Yes, they smell like sweet and alluring perfume.  Can you smell them?  What a Friday treat!
Warm and sunny smiles,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Looking For A Comical Author-Guaranteed to Make Your Students Smile!

Anyone else feeling a TAD overwhelmed right now?  ANYONE?  
Guess what?  I might have the answer!  Yes, that's right.  Get your smile face ready!

Have you heard of Aaron Reynolds?  If not, type in Amazon in your browser!  He's guaranteed to make you chuckle, grin, and you will be enticed to read all of his publications.  Here are two of my favorites:

I cannot wait to share these with my Multi-agers!  Hmmm, maybe we will make some Salsa or Wings-kidding aside, please check them out if you need a happy moment!

P.S.  He has a new release this month!  I have yet to read it!!

His website:  Aaron Reynolds

Flaming hot smiles,

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Waterpark and Low 70's=Chicken Skin

Tuesday, August 13th (is that right)

This past weekend I had the COLD opportunity to go to a waterpark...which one you ask-Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells.  They claim they America's largest waterpark.  Have you been there!  I don't think I ever gazed at the clouds more than I did this past Saturday wondering if my friend the sun, was going to peak out.  It did, but only for a few moments-perhaps it was on "vacation" too.

Saturday night we ate at Paul Bunyan-all you can eat chicken and ribs.  Yes, you sit on a log bench and eat with lumberjack flatware and dining wear.  I forgot my flannel shirt :-(

If you have never been there, there are two "strips" that have neck to neck attractions and entertainment facilities.  Down below are some photos to allure you to the Dells :-) (no I am not connected to Dells or sell shares)

Ready to go:  Link

Trojan Horse-part of Mt. Olympus

Top Secret-upside down White House

A small glimpse of one of the water parks

Almost end of the summer smiles,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Math Program to Meet Common Core Standards!


August 6th.  Are you in your classroom or anxiously planning at home awaiting when you can get access?  Are you dreaming about the first day and do you have your first week wardrobe ready to go?

This morning I had training on our new math program that our district is going to.  Needed:  laptop, navigation skills, enthusiasm, and COFFEE!

Here's our new series
Origo Math is the name, my friends!

Yes, it can be 100% digital-yes that's right 100% if your district/school chooses.  When are buying hard copies of the big books and Student Journals but the rest we are utilizing, electronically!

This year will be our pilot year for this program; but, I am ready to fly!  Now, parents?  students?...


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Floor is Done..Now...

It's August friends!  So June and July who were they???

My floor is done and my classroom supplies have been rolled back in and piled in!  Due to the wax being new, the chair and desk legs stick to the floor.  A little arm strength is needed (who needs the gym, right?)

So, now the transformation begins!  Give me two weeks!  NO PRESSURE :-)

Panoramic View!

To the left, to the left...

To the center, to the center...

To the right, to the right..
How is your classroom?  Status?  Changes?  Dreams?

August smiles,