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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Waterpark and Low 70's=Chicken Skin

Tuesday, August 13th (is that right)

This past weekend I had the COLD opportunity to go to a waterpark...which one you ask-Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells.  They claim they America's largest waterpark.  Have you been there!  I don't think I ever gazed at the clouds more than I did this past Saturday wondering if my friend the sun, was going to peak out.  It did, but only for a few moments-perhaps it was on "vacation" too.

Saturday night we ate at Paul Bunyan-all you can eat chicken and ribs.  Yes, you sit on a log bench and eat with lumberjack flatware and dining wear.  I forgot my flannel shirt :-(

If you have never been there, there are two "strips" that have neck to neck attractions and entertainment facilities.  Down below are some photos to allure you to the Dells :-) (no I am not connected to Dells or sell shares)

Ready to go:  Link

Trojan Horse-part of Mt. Olympus

Top Secret-upside down White House

A small glimpse of one of the water parks

Almost end of the summer smiles,

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