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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Math Program to Meet Common Core Standards!


August 6th.  Are you in your classroom or anxiously planning at home awaiting when you can get access?  Are you dreaming about the first day and do you have your first week wardrobe ready to go?

This morning I had training on our new math program that our district is going to.  Needed:  laptop, navigation skills, enthusiasm, and COFFEE!

Here's our new series
Origo Math is the name, my friends!

Yes, it can be 100% digital-yes that's right 100% if your district/school chooses.  When are buying hard copies of the big books and Student Journals but the rest we are utilizing, electronically!

This year will be our pilot year for this program; but, I am ready to fly!  Now, parents?  students?...


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