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Sunday, May 26, 2013

2D and 3D Marshmallow Sculptures!

Happy Sunny Sunday,

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend and taking a few moments to thank all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to be free and have the rights which we are blessed with!

Create, sculpt, but don't eat!  Yes, C.S. but do not E.
The perfect lesson to end our unit on 2d and 3d figures/shapes (have yet to find out if we are supposed to be calling them figures or shapes...if you know please let me know) 3D marshmallow figures.  What about a rectangular prism?  How about a cube?  Are you inclined to make a pyramid?  All were open to sculpting as long as they had a urge to create a sticky 3D figure.  A few of the results-a church, hexagon, triangular prism, pyramids, cubes, and more!  We were impressed by the delicate touch of each student to create their masterpieces.

Here is a link to a site I used to help guide us to our creations.  THANKS, Rachelle!

Sweet and sticky smiles,

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