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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Do You See What I See?

It's Wednesday! It's Hump Day-as they say-almost over the hump :-)

Yesterday and today we talked about our role as scientists!  What does a scientist do?  What is he/she searching for?  How does he/she record his/her information?  What tools are used?

Today's tool of focus-a magnifying glass.  We asked:  What side should we use?  Do we bring the object up to the magnifying glass or move our magnifying glass to the object?  Why does one side look blurry?  What can I see with a magnifying glass that I can't without one?

After we discovered how to use our magnifying glasses we used them in our plant unit.  We used our magnifying to analyze a  bean seed.  We noted its color, texture, size, smell, and drew a picture of it.

Tomorrow we use our wonderful tool to help us note what happened to our bean seed after it has been in water all night!

Magnified smiles,

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