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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Super Reader, Estimation Jar, and Clues!

One of the top experiences in our classroom has to be Super Reader, Estimation Jar and Clues!  What is it...thanks for asking-reading further! :)
A student gets the ME BAG-what he or she puts the items in for his or her presentation!  The first thing the student does is read the class a book-obviously not a novel or chapter book!  Pictures books are wonderful and favorite choices.  The audience gives the presenter support at the end and positive feedback!  I'm so proud of my Multi-agers responses- "You read fluently.  You used expression.  You have great eye contact 4 star comments.  Next the presenter does the Estimation Jar.  He or she fills it with an item other than food-sorry no chocolates to keep after the presenter is done.  He or she writes the quantity on a piece of paper and tapes it to the lid.  I CAREFULLY peel of the answer and give them a range in which they need to make their prediction of the amount.  They anxiously write their answers on their white boards and shows their responses to the presenter.  He or she proclaims the number and those who accurately predicted SHOUT with joy!!!  Can you hear them?  Finally, the presenter chooses 5 items to give 3 clues to.  He or she selectively gives three clues about the item and we need to guess what he or she is describing.  If no one is guesses, he or she reveals the secret item!  I have seen key chains, snow globes, playing cards, trophy's, etc.
We end the presentation with positive support for the presenter and then I offer my feedback to our presenter!  Everyone has done a Top of the Class job!


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