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Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Trucker Buddy Won!!

HAPPY Friday!
Please say you are staying colds, flu, drippy nose???  Me, not quite!  Woke up this morning...with what you probably guessed...a bad cold...all I can say is I'm trying to not deplete the shelves of Kleenex and hand sanitizer!  My dry and cracked hands are not happy with me!

I AM SO EXCITED AND AS HAPPY AS A CHILD WHO JUST GOT THE ULTIMATE HAPPY MEAL TREAT!  Bruce, our Trucker Buddy, won the Trucker Buddy of the Month for December!
Click Here  to read what Trucker Buddy posted!  I am tickled pink for him (ok maybe blue to match his trucking gear).   I am also thrilled that my students realized the power of their writing voice!!!

Congrats, Bruce!                     

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