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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2...Indoor Recess Blues

COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDDD....-30 with the wind chill.  I'm so thankful the good Lord did not make me an Eskimo!  How they survive and endure endless days of frozen feet and numb hands is mind boggling to me...although they probably are accumated to the conditions!  Anyone need a Spring break trip in January???

Soooo,  tis day 2 of indoor recess!  We raided our math closet- a host of math games from Goodwill and thrift shops.  Of course, many of my childhood classics live in there- Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy Land, etc.

I am thankful that we have had Gym the last two days and that my classroom is active!  Without 15 minutes of outside play for two days is not learning healthy to me, but stimulating games and body breaks sure help ease brain yawns!
Legos-always a hit!  

One of my favs-Guess Who?

Attracting Fun-MAGNETS!

Mostly Sunny and Cold
Hi 2°|Lo -10°
Partly Cloudy, Still Cold
Hi 12°|Lo -6
Tomorrow's high 12 degrees!  WOOT...we are above 10 degrees...heat wave!


First Grade Carousel said...

Wow it sure is cold where you live. I just found your blog today and noticed that you did a map project with your children. I was thinking possibly you'd be interested in doing my Winter Exchange Project. The only thing is you'd have to prepare something this week and mail it out. If you'd like more info please look at
Would love to have you join us.
First Grade Carousel

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

HELLO Maria!
I'd love too, but we have an early out Thursday and we do not have school on Friday :-( Please let me know if you have any upcoming projects that we could partake in! Thanks for following me...pass my Blog on please! SMILES!