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Monday, January 7, 2013

Owls, pellets, and food chains, oh my!

Happy Monday, my fellow Bloggers!  Welcome back to another school week!  Were you looking for your roller blades like I was; I'm thinking soon I will be able to invent a pair appropriate for teachers!
On Friday we did our last lesson in our animal unit-food chains!  First, we began with a spider map-we brainstormed everything we need about food chains.  My Multi-agers recorded the notes in their science notebooks (they are becoming excellent recorders).  We discussed how food chains start, end, and what happens to food chains if an animal in the food chain becomes extinct or is endangered.  Additionally, we talked about our role in nature and on food chains; what happens when we spill oil in the ocean or hunt animals?  Next, we made food chains using Beanie Babies.  All the groups needed to have one person play two parts- the sun and the vegetation.  They shared their food chains with the class and we critiqued the food chains they made-working on the speaking and listening standards. Then we went on the Smart Board and did a virtual owl pellet.  If you have not used this site it as rich as Richie Rich-it is full of valuable information on the formation of the pellet and the bones one might find:
click here   One is also to click on the bones from the virtual pellet to match up with the bones that are on the side margin of the page.  It is fascinating; we were all in awe of how this happens and the wonders of this process!  Finally, we dissected owl pellets I got from the Wildlife Sanctuary.  I gave them a sheet which identified all the bones of a mouse (these pellets only had mice bones).  We had a few that had a full skull-ever year I have done this I always have a lucky scientist who finds one!  They were nervous at first, but then were looking for a second pellet as they became comfortable with their explorations!  Almost all of them took their bones home; where the bones went after they left my classroom is another blog post waiting for me to publish!

Trying to make a food chain

Virtual information

Matching the bones

What will I find now?


Later my scientist bloggers,

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