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Saturday, January 5, 2013

We voted! Bruce 11 it is!

Saturday, it's sunny, and, And, ANd, AND we are in the first round of playoffs tonight at 7:00 p.m.-GO PACK!!  (had to do it...sorry Viking fans).
How did your three days go after break?  Did you try to cram a week into three days?  Or, are you waiting for Monday to arrive and start your New Year with your students?  Our three days were eventful, nonstop, and full of ear to ear smiles!  I was ready to get out my ruler with my students (as they were measuring body parts) to measure their height...I think of few of them had a growth spurt during break...was it the Christmas cookies, milk, or Egg Nog?
Well one of the moments my Multi-agers were waiting for arrived!  We voted on what to name our Sock Monkey that our Trucker Buddy sent us!  After the votes were totaled, it was a tie between Bruce 11 and Sockies.  Then, a second vote occurred and BRUCE 11 won hands up!  He is now our classroom mascot and cheerleader!  We sent our survey results to Bruce (our Trucker Buddy) and he was honored!  Now, that is monkey business and not Monkeying around; or is it?

1st Vote!

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