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Monday, January 14, 2013

Me on the Map

Happy Monday, Teachers!!!

We have been 100% dedicated to completing and presenting our Me on the Map activities.  This has been a project in our classroom for the past month.  Little by little, page by page, my Multi-agers have proudly been completing, presenting, and displaying their projects!  
This project all began with reading   
Me on the Map

Next, we watched the book on You Tube:  Video.

 We discussed how our publication would be different and similar to hers and why.  Finally, I passed out the project and we went through the project and identified our country, state, state capital, town, address, house number, and what we would draw on the page of what is in our bedroom! THANKS, DOUBLE THANKS TO Erin Eberhart WHO SHARED THE Me on the MAP PROJECT....Me on the Map

They were so proud of their completed projects!  I am amazed at their art skills and how they transfer their mental images to paper!  FASCINATING project to connect my Multi-agers to their world!

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