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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pretzel and Marshmellow Time!

HELLO and Merry 1st day after Christmas!  What a blessing it was to just SIT and dare I type...RELAX...Ok, I typed it!  And, yes, I did both while enjoying my Mom's feast of proteins, veggies, sides, and desserts to make Food Network want to visit!  I hope your heart is still smiling today as you reflect upon all that brings you comfort, peace, and Kodak moments!  Before break we had the pleasure and the culinary treat to work and learn with marshmallows and pretzels (the marshmallows were supposed to be part of our Hot Chocolate experiment and the pretzels are to remind of us of one giving them self hug with crossed arms on one's shoulders).
I posed several challenges to my Multi-agers before they were able to tell me their opinion on the taste of these childhood favorites.  First they needed to use the pretzels to design a structure that was connected to their faith and because there was only 4 days till they celebrated Jesus' birth it had to be 4 inches in length or width! CHALLENGE ON!  The first three pictures show this challenge in the works.  I'm so proud of their progress in using a ruler and of course their imagination (I did encourage them to work with a Learning Buddy if they wanted too).

 Challenge #2 Measure a mini and regular marshmallow.  How big are they?  How many mini marshmallows would equal the regular sized one?  How much bigger is the large one compared to the mini version?

Challenge #3  Use the marshmallows to construct a faith related object!  They had a variety of ideas and their imagination was not limited by sugar, but this one said a lot with white, mini marshmallows!

Challenge #4  Stack the marshmallows as high as you can in 1 minute-60 seconds to get height.  It is not pictured here, but they tried a variety of ways to get the marshmallows to stack versus fall just as they thought they had the highest structure.

These are just four of the challenges.  Now, my challenge is to post the remainder along with an upcoming hot chocolate and marshmallow experiment!

Sweet marshmallow smiles,


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