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Saturday, December 1, 2012

School Store

December is here whether we are ready or not!

Yesterday we had our monthly School Store!  This has been a tradition for the past two years!  I started a School Store back in 2010 with the visions that our school would be able to put our math, marketing, advertising and economic skills, values, and discipleship into play!  In its origins I had all the students fill out a School Store Interest Survey- basically to find out what they would buy or want to buy in a school store!  I analysed the data with our 5th grade students who were helping me run the Store at the time!  With the information I went out and hunted for great deals and hot items that would make a K-5th grade student say, "I WANT THAT" or

After I bought the items, the 5th graders helped  me price and sell the items!  The Store would be open one time a month on Friday afternoons! They 5th graders made signs to advertise the School Store and we officially opened one month later!
Two years later, our School Store is a huge success and attracts buyers from each grade!  I also have started a prize drawing!  Shoppers can put their names in for a chance to win the prize!  After the Store closes, I randomly draw a name and we get a lucky winner!
My Multi-age students shop and decide what is the best buy for the allowance they got!

Other students join us to buy that just right item!

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