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Monday, December 17, 2012

Shaving cream does the job and is a therapist!

Monday and it is still a somber day!  THANKS BE TO GOD FOR LIGHTING OUR WAY!

Students at our school are asked to do service work.  Each year my students are delighted and eager to "serve' our Art Teacher by cleaning her art tables.  They get their smocks on, roll up the sleeves, and anxiously await for the mound of white foamy stuff-shaving cream!  Guaranteed to almost remove any residue and stains from previous art projects. 
First they wait.  Next they rub...and freely print letters, draw random shapes, and make little caricatures in the shaving cream as they try to work the shaving cream in the table.  Then they scrap, scrap, and scrap and suddenly erupt, "HERE'S A HARD SPOT" and await for the art teacher to use the ultimate scraper to remove the nasty residue!  Finally, the line up for a rag and water and rinse and wipe the tables to a stunning table lift.  What remains?  Stunning tables and the one of a kind shaving cream fragrance.



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