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Friday, December 14, 2012

We nominated our Trucker Buddy!

Friday at 4:33 p.m. has made it!   Thank goodness for an afternoon movie; a highly supported activity this afternoon after our over the top crazy week we have had (all were magnificent stars on the stage last night for our Christmas concert).

Yesterday we some how managed to squeeze in a heavy writing lesson!  BUT, my Multi-agers put the lead to the paper and were publishing their persuasive letters with 4 star writing like they were masters!

Who are we writing to and why??  We have decided to nominate our Trucker Buddy, Bruce for Trucker Buddy of the Month!  He has been a fantastic role model for my students by mailing us each week via snail mail or email.   His letters are thorough, detailed, and demonstrate quality crafting!  Bruce has shared his school experiences with us and has let us into his family life-even his dog knows about us!  We know where he travels and the countless hours he spends behind delivering liquid products for you and I-syrup, sugar, etc.  Without a doubt, he has our 18 votes! 

My persuasive nomination letter!

A student's persuasive nomination...awww perfect gift.

Another students persuasive letter-best buddy :)

Now, we patiently wait to hear...patiently should actually be anxiously! 

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