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Monday, December 3, 2012

Me Poem

Hello!  Is it hold on to your locks windy by you?  The windows are rattling in my apartment!  Thank goodness for the blessings of shelter!!

Today in tech lab we typed Me Poems!  We are working hard to learn Word tools and applications- Word Art, changing font size and color, adding clip art, borders, backgrounds, and using home row to try to type the words!

A few of us finished one of our first projects, a ME Poem!  Here are three samples!

The instructions:
  • Title
  • First line:  name
  • Second line:  1 word that either describes me or indicates a passion of mine
  • Third line:  the above but with 2 words
  • Fourth line:  the above but with 3 words
  • Last line:  Last name

I am so proud of there work!  They have progressed beautifully!
Smiles and happy 1st week of Advent!

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