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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We had a special visitor today...

HELLO!!! So, it is the big day before 12-12-12; it's like pre12-12-12!  Are you honoring December 12, 2012 in a special way?  I heard that the YMCA is allowing new registrations for $12 to commenonarate 12-12-12.

Today we had a special visitor, Mary.  I teach at a Catholic school so Mary's visit was timely and extra special!  She told us her story of her son and a few extra tid-bits about her life!  She shared with us her feelings at the time the angel spoke to her and what a blessing it was to recieve the honor to be our Savior's mother!

Mary also asked us if we had any questions.  Ahhh...what should we ask Mary?  "Were you afraid?  Did
you know Jesus was going to die?  How did it feel to see your son die?  Did Jesus have any brothers or sisters?"  Of course, Mary explained her feelings and spoke gently and mildly to my students.  They attentively listened and looked at her expecting figure.

A few waited till Mary left and then decided to ask me questions about Mary.  "Did Mary wear glasses?  Did she really look like that when she was going to have a baby?" 

What would you ask Mary?  Imagine her feelings, thoughts, and what her heart was telling her throughout Jesus' life and afterwards.

One of my student's snapshots of Mary!


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