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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My gift to my students' families!

NEWS ALERT...someone typing this is very excited- 9 to 12 inches of SNOW tomorrow and guess who is sleeping in- ME!  We have already found out that there is no school tomorrow!  One of the bonus gifts for leaving in the hand shaped state of Wisconsin!  Who is more excited, me or the student??? 

Have you completed your gift for you student families?  I DID...hooray- thankfully I had it done on Monday.  I must have felt the snow storm and school cancellation coming because I was ahead of the clock with my gifts.  Patting myself on the back for that one.

Prior to making these, I had my families complete a recipe form to document their favorite holiday cookie recipe.  Each family returned a "Top" but not so secret anymore recipe!  I  compiled all of them and arranged them together with a Merry Christmas picture of each student on his/her family's recipe.
Last I ringed them and secretively put them in each student's mailbox.

Now, if only I was a cousin to Mr. Pillsbury Dough Boy or could get tutored by Food Network bakers.

Snowy Smiles!

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