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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Explain Your Number-A Number Sense Activity

Happy Tuesday...hooray the wind has calmed down from last night and the sun it out...VITAMIN D!!!!!!

Today we did our second Explain Your Number activity.  I found this sheet on________ (I am working on trying to find the Blog I found it on to give credit back to this wonderful teacher).

I adapted it to a number sense activity!  First, we choose a number and wrote it in the the center box!  My Youngers- 1st graders choose a one digit number (those who wanted a challenge choose a two digit number) and my Olders- 2nd graders choose a two digit number (those who wanted a challenge choose a three digit number). 
Next, they needed to show three addition number sentences and then three subtraction number sentences to get to the number that we choose.  Finally they conferenced with me and explained their choices. 
Here are some samples:

She choose 22 and 82!

She choose 99 and then I gave her a challenge- proud of her!

She choose 99 and had a challenge of 123! BRAVO!
I have marvaled at a few of their ways to demonstrate their number sense and their understanding of numbers!  REMARKABLE!!!


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