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Thursday, December 13, 2012

We're Santa's Elves!

Happy 12-12-12-should I type that twelve times?  I'll spare you the visual strain!  Today was also Aaron Rodgers Day-QB of the Green Bay Packers (he sports the number 12).  Almost every little good boy and girl and spectacular staff had on green and gold to support him!  Wish we would have formed the number 12 with all us cheesehead fans and then snapped a photo to send to him...ahhh should haves, could haves...

This afternoon was our Christmas Concert dress rehearsal.  I'm so proud of my wonderful shining stars!  They did a fantastic job acting like Santa's elves.  The fit the parts to a tee!  I'm amazed how a few practices equips them with Broadway skills!  They have fantastic rhythm, canary voices, and Emmy award winning talent!

Tomorrow night is the big performance!  Now, who's going to remind me to have a Kleenex in m Elf toolkit?

If you have a holiday concert or performance, I hope all your stars shine brightly!
Work, work, work...

I got this!

Beating on our drums!
All of us...shining stars!


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