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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The scoop on where we live!

HELLO! I must start of by saying today was another day I tried to capture the beauty of each student's comical laugh, warming smile, and inquisitive looks!  I am so blessed...little angels!  Continued PRAYERS to everyone in education and especially our extended "family" in Connecticut!
Last week my Multi-agers made a craft to illustrate how they are part of our a bigger world then just our classrooms.  We started off with 5 scoops and a cone; I tried like a child trying to put on his winter boots to get outside in fresh snow, to make sure everyone had different colors. Each child printed Me on the cone.  Then we identified the community we lived in following the scoop of our state- the FORWARD state-Wisconsin. Next,we moved onto our country-the beloved United States.  From their it was our continent- North America- great to be North but sometimes wish to be south-warmer temps.  Finally, it was the planet we rotate on everyday- Earth- spin, spin.  The assembly process follows:

ME, Community, State, Country, Continent, and Planet-that is what I am part of!
Super smiles,

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