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Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Field Trip-Check!

HELLO!!!  So this morning I completed Mid-quarter grade reports..yes, I said Mid-quarter.  We are 1/2 way through 2nd quarter.  YIKES!  or EEKS!  We are also getting ready for our first possible snow storm of the season-Snowstorm Andy!  We have a possibility to get 5-6 inches of powdery white flakes!  Do you have snow?

Yesterday we went on our first field trip of the year!  We visited   Earthaven Museum  Must I say, it is rockin!!!! (pun intended)  Gold, silver, diamonds, and mammoth tusks galore!  It's a rock and gem paradise!
My students and I were mesmerized with their extensive collection of our beautiful Earth's resources and our eyes were wide open for 2 hours!  Our eyes had the accompaniment of our ears which were tuned in to hear another story by the two field trip guides and collector.  They have been to many digging hot spots to search for the biggest and most wanted gems, rocks, minerals, and fossils!

Here are a few photos to give you a snapshot of our trip:


clear Quartz

pressed Gold and Silver

ahh the collections

tell me more

I'll take that one!

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