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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where Can You Be and Be in Four Places at One Time?

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!!!  How was it for you?  I am still in awe that on Saturday we embark on December.  If you figure out how that can be or what you did to feel like time was taking it easy on you, let me know ;)  I am also hoping that the winds and weather take a turn; we are expected to get freezing rain tomorrow-that means gray hair and hands clenched in the stirring wheel driving!

Today we worked feverishly with geography-making the Compass Rose, outlining borders of states, discovering similarities and differences with state sizes, discussing our travel experiences, and trying to connect how our village is part of our state, country, continent, and wonderful world!

I have a secret passion for our laminated maps.  On one side is the USA and on the other the world!  We used these maps to put our cardinal directions understanding into play.  I had my Multi-age students find a state, trace its border and then travel East, West, North, or South and outline the states borders.  I also asked them to find the largest or smallest state E., W., N., or South of another state they had already found.  They all wanted to beat one other to be the Map Wizard!  I also asked them to find a certain state and tell me how many states bordered that particular state!  BUT...the hallmark question I ask every year- where can you travel and be in four states at one time (in my years of teaching only one student has found it...this year 2 did).

Where or where can I be in four states at one time?

Put your right arm in Colorado. Put your left arm in Utah .  Then put your right leg in Arizona and your left leg in New Mexico!

Here's one student's attempt-He asks, "Did I get it?  Is it here?"--precious!
Safe travels if your upcoming expeditions mean contending with inclement weather!!!


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