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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Directions and the Compass Rose

It's Thursday!  AHHHHHHH...I just got home from class; I am enrolled in a book study class!  We are reading
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Have you read this?  Very interesting and informative read!  We jigsawed the 1st chapter!  I'm always a happy camper student/learner when I am able to discuss the material I have to read versus just trying to absorb it with my own digestive system.

Now, on to directions and the Compass Rose!  I love teaching N, S, E, W and don't forget the intermediate directions-NE, SE, NW, SW (can't leave them out).  I integrate them into our entire day.  Print your name on the north part of your paper.  Look south to find the page number.  Who is sitting to the west of you?

Yesterday, I taught my student a song (ok...they helped me get in tune once they got the beat down and new the lyrics).  It goes to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. 
North, South
West and East, West and East
North, South
West and East, West and East
North and South
and West and East
North, South
West and East, West and East!

Are you singing it yet?

Oops, forgot the motions- For North touch your head; for South, touch your toes.  West is your left hand extended and East is your right hand extended. 

Got it?

Here are some additional links for you to try:
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Now, I am headed Northeast to go to the fridge to get some YUMMIES!


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