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Monday, November 5, 2012

How Are They Different Is The Question?

Happy Monday...tomorrow is the BIG Day ('s not CHOCOLATE LOVER'S DAY...sorry to disappoint you).  Are you losing any sleep over the election mania?????????

Ok...onto science!  We have started our animal unit-one of my all time favorites!!  We CHIRPED off the unit by webbing all that we knew about animals in our science logs!  For many, their prior knowledge led them to have an overloaded web- but this is a wonderful thing to SQUAWK about!

Next we discussed and identified the animals that laid eggs and why they laid eggs.  I gave each pair of students two eggs and had them do the following:  draw, measure, weigh, and smell them, listen to the eggs, feel the eggs, and note any similarities and differences!  THE ULTIMATE QUESTION TO ANSWER-How are these two eggs different? 

Here is what they came up with:  different shades of weight, temperature, size, and weight differences, one one bumpy the other smooth, they smelled differently, and one might have two yolks instead of one.  I asked them if they knew if the eggs came from the same animal or if it was a girl or boy who laid the egg and why?

WOW, they generated a CHICKEN FEED BAG of ideas but, the main way they are different was inside the egg.  THEN...hang on...they got to spin their eggs. one spun like it was a hyper speed egg and the other like it forgot to have its V-8.  Quick and slow!
But, why? 

The Ta-Da moment-I cracked them open-THAT'S WHY-one is hard boiled and one is not!!!  THE LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!!  Or, should I say the CHICKEN COOP LIGHT IS ON!  The hard boiled spins quickly and the one that is not, slllllllllloooooooooowwwwww!

Taking notes and reasoning how the two eggs are similar and different

Weighing the eggs

Spinning the eggs
There next step, trying it at home...of course getting their parents permission and of course participation!

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