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Sunday, November 4, 2012

50th Day

Brrr....but a beautiful Sunday morning!  Are you refreshed and rejuvenated with that extra hour of sleep?

 On the 15th it will be our 50th day of school-thus it is time to break out the Poodle skirts, rolled up jeans,
ice cream and Root Beer, and of course the hula-hoops!  What are we having- a 50's Party!

We will also be math and literacy activities to honor the number 50 aka making patterns with 50 fruit loops, writing 50 words, a Then and Now venn diagram, looking at 50's cookbooks, learning1950's songs, of course busting out our 1950's dance moves.  HOOP TIME!!!

Here is my letter I am going to share with my students' families:   50th Day Parent Letter

AHHHHHHH....picture time:

The classroom...

The clothing and places to "hang out"...

The vehicles...
The communities... (this is Times Square)

The music...

The drinks....

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