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Monday, November 12, 2012

1-2-3 Syllables!

HELLO!  DID you survive Monday?  Well of course you did, you are reading this?  Perhaps it was with a mega mug of Java or a few pieces of chocolate from you Halloween stash.  But, you did it!

We have been working or should I say counting, clapping and touching to identify how many syllables a word has.  Do you know every syllable has to have a vowel?  Did you know there are 6 types of syllables?
My Multi-agers are developing their understanding of syllables and how knowing syllable types and the quantity of syllables can help them spell and read!

Here are the methods I have used:
*Clapping the syllables
*Putting one's hand under one's chin to feel their jaw drop for each syllable
*Touching one's wrist for the first syllable, elbow for the second syllable, and shoulder for the third syllable.  Finally one takes their other hand and glides up the wrist to the elbow then to the shoulder to blend the syllables together to form the word.  For example- highlighter  high-touch wrist, light-touch elbow, er-touch shoulder then blend all together to get highlighter (they love this method).

One student came up with his own version:
*Touching the finger tips for each of the syllables.  It works well for him and know he is spreading the technique!

Here are a few sites on teaching syllables.  ENJOY:
Peggy Barzilay's thoughts
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Ms. Chrissy B said...

Thanks for coming by and commenting the other day! Another syllable thing we do is scooping. They scoop under each syllable of the word with their fingers. New follower!
Buzzing with Ms. B

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Thanks for becoming a follower! Yes, we scoop too!! Smiles!