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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updates On Our Trucker Buddy!

Two days till Cyber Monday; what's on your must click on list?

I must apologize; I put our Trucker Buddy updates to the back of my Blog post ideas!  I cannot praise and compliment his writing and corresponding skills enough.  He has shared his travel experiences with us since September and has sent us many detailed and elaborate letters about his expeditions!  Our Trucker Buddy has also allowed us to meet through pictures and his letters, his wife and pets!  He is a wonderful role model for my Multi-age students and demonstrates the character traits of a successful and outstanding citizen.

NOW FOR THE BEST NEWS to share with you; he is going to visit in the new year!

Our Trucker Buddy and his truck

Correspondences and our Trucker Buddy's hometown

A Halloween card and syrup and liquid sugar samples (he hauls sugar and syrup)

A cotton plant he got on his travels
Enjoy the last day of your Thanksgiving break; Monday morning will be here soon and our alarms will make sure we know it.



Kelley Cirrito said...

Wow that sounds like fun!! Have a great week!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

THANKS Kelley!

Sarah said...

What a great idea! A trucker-buddy!!! FUN!

I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. Check out my blogpost for all of the details!!


Teacher and Life Long Learner said...