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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Retell Forms and Rubrics

Tuesday; it will be a terrific Tuesday for sure!  But, first, my thoughts and prayers go out to any and all who are in harms way or know someone who is in danger due to Sandy!  May they all have comfort and strength from us, their loved ones, and our nation!

How do your students do with retells?  Do you have a scoring page to help you justify how you think they did?  Do you do nonfiction and fiction retells?  What do you score on their retells?  Have you ever recorded their retells?

In the past I have not used an "official form" but yesterday I found two on Reading A-Z that I will be using.
Here are the links to the forms:

Nonfiction Retell Rubric

Fiction retell rubric

If you use either one, please let me know!

SMILES and be safe!

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