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Friday, October 12, 2012

Do You Have A Student Who Stutters?

Happy Friday- night!!!
Today was the first day I was gone all day- Prayed before I left for conference, during the conference, and on my way back to school to see how things went...was it, should have listened to the little teacher angel on my shoulder who said, "They are fine and all will go well."  In fact, when I did get back, and entered my classroom after taking a deep breathe, my Sub did a WONDERFUL JOB and so did my Multi-agers!!  SIGH!!!!!

 On a different note, do you have a student or know someone who stutters?  Have you seen or used this website:  Stuttering Foundation It is decorated with WONDERFUL information and even has videos for one to watch on stuttering and how to support the student who stutters, has videos for students who stutter to watch and realize there are other students who stutter too, and beautifully encourages all to support the students who stutters by linking them to Q&A about stuttering, providing tips to deal with a bully or someone who doesn't understand what stuttering is and has an array of links for parents also!


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