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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CORN-Are You Up To Your Ears In It?

We were up to our earns learning about corn!  Today we read a nonfiction book about Corn-From Kernel to Corncob!  It give wonderful information about the life cycle of a kernel! My Multi-agers were captivated by the wonderful pictures and thorough information about the life of a kernel!  Furthermore, the author does a A+ job making sure to highlight and revisit key vocabulary terms-kernel, husks, silks, pollinate, etc. After we read the story and shared many wonderful connections stories we complete a nonfiction-information graphic organizer to map out the main idea and the details!  They copied down the notes in their Response Logs! 
Next we made a corn stalk!  They were given a sheet of green paper to use to make the stalk and a few pre-made corn cobs to glue on!  Many wanted to add a foundation-field for their stalk to grow on!

The wonderful book-a "Hot Read" in our classroom!

A sample corn stalk in the making! (the food if for the Food Pantry)

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