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Monday, October 15, 2012

Tomorrow is National Boss Day!

Happy Monday-half way through October-yes...that's right!  But, I SPOOKED by the fact that it is!

Tomorrow is National Boss Day.  Do you see your principal as a "Boss?"  In our school, we respect our Principal, see her as a motivator, leader, and initiator.  But, a boss-not sure if I would call her that. 
Word choices aside, how do you honor and celebrate the gift of your Principal?

Here are some ideas that are popping around in my head:
Picture Collage-filled with pictures that reveal the wonderful person she is!
Personalized Principal Cartoon-one can not laugh enough in the day, right??
Book of Quotes
 Decorated Tote Bag
Personalized Picture Frame                                             

Do you have any to share?


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